Phil King



I am a painter who graduated from Goldsmiths MA in 1993 following my BA at Bath Academy of Art. My years at Bath were formative and I tend to combine a rather formalist, intuitive approach to painting but one which has had to survive a certain critical machine. A hard to figure poetry seems to be the ongoing result, with disparate paintings dealt out in ’sets’. Since graduating I've had many years working both in isolation and close to a number of colleagues in the US, Europe, and the U.K. I have shown fairly consistently around the UK, with a large solo show in Cardiff in 2015, and am currently showing in Belgium and New York. A reluctant wanderer I have moved between Bristol, London, Oakland, Toulouse, Hastings, and other places in between. I paint continually and have found a home of sorts on social media while the paintings are beginning to be exhibited all over the place - even in London.














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